How To Make Links to Web Pages in your Web Page

The HTML command for making links to other Web Pages looks like this:

   <a href="" title=""></a>

   <a href=""  The URL address to the other Web Pages goes between the quotes.

   title=""    This text will pop up in a little box when the mouse is moved over the URL address.
               This may be left out. title= need not appear. See examples below
   >           The user will see the text that goes here. [no quotes required] </a>

The code should all be on one line. It is moved down in places so you could see it.

  is prodeced with the code: <a href="" title="Phil's Web Page">Callicrate.COM</a>
Corvallis Independent Business Alliance
  is produced with the code: <a href="" 
                                                       >Corvallis Independent Business Alliance</a>
Corvallis Chamber of Commerce Web Page
  is produced with the code: <a href="" 
                                                       title="Corvallis Chamber of Commerce"
                                                       >Corvallis Chamber of Commerce Web Page</a>
CORVALLIS SCHOOLS Kindergarten through Twelfth grade
  is produced with the code: <a href="" 
                                                      title="Corvallis Schools"
                                                      >CORVALLIS SCHOOLS Kindergarten through Twelfth grade</a>
No Title - no text box on 'mouseover'
Linn-Benton Community College 
  is produced with the code: <a href="http://">Linn-Benton Community College</a>

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